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The Assets Tab

Challenger Support -

The Assets tab can be used to view both topics that have been completed and locating those that have not yet been completed.

On the Dashboard, click the Assets tab. A list of courses in your account appears. To view details, select the course in which you are interested, then click the blue CME Details button:


A list of categories will appear. On the right, two columns show the number of topics available and the number of topics completed. To expand a category, click the plus (+) sign on the left.


Now a list of topics appear and, again, the columns on the right tell the number of topics available and the number completed.


To expand a topic in order to see a score or to go to a topic not yet completed, click the Plus (+) sign to the left of the topic:


From here you may go to an assessment not yet completed, view the scores and number of tries:




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