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The Activity Tab

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The Activity tab gives you a quick view of Assessments you may have paused in the In Progress tab as well as those completed under the Score Log tab.

The In-Progress tab allows you to quickly see any paused assessments, the date they were paused and how much of the Assessment was completed. If you do not wish to complete the Assessment, you may simply click the X to remove it. To continue working in the Assessment, click Resume.


The Score Log

The Score Log tab keeps track of all Assessments completed regardless of whether or not they were passed and regardless of the scored Assessment type. Board Exam Simulators, Section Surveys, topic-level Q&A Assessments are recorded here along with Baseline and Pre/Posttest Exams for Group Education  participants.

An initial glance provides a list of 5 exams.

The number may be changed to view up to 50 on a page if so desired. Also included are the Course, Assessment, Date, and Score.

Clicking the Details button will take you out of the Dashboard and to the area where the specific Assessment resides.

In this example, you may now click the Q&A to get back to the Practice, Review and Assessment area in order to review a topic or to re-take the exam.


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