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Challenger Assignments: A Guide For Program Administrators (Group Education Users)

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This is a brief user tutorial for academic and other group education clients using Challenger's Assignments feature. With Assignments, Program Administrators can assign online education content and testing to Learners, notify Learners via email and interactive calendaring, and track compliance and performance of assigned tasks. By using Assignments, Program Administrators can save time while better managing their education outcomes.

Select Assignment Manager from the My Program tab in the Challenger portal to get started.


To make an Assignment, select the appropriate course from the course drop-down box.

Select the assessment(s) you wish to assign by clicking the check box(es).


  • The “Start or Effective” date is the date on which a Learner is permitted to begin an Assignment. This defaults to the current date and may be changed here.
  • Set the “Due Date.”
  • If desired, change the passing score for this Assignment.

  • Edit and Select your Assignee(s) in the “Assigned To” field.


  • You can assign whole groups by selecting the highest level or expand the Assignee's group to make selections and assign by individual learner.

Submitting “like” Assignments ensures they will be reflected together on the Calendar. (click here for more information on managing Assignments with the Calendar).

Clicking “Submit Assignments” initiates a two part verification process.

  • “Verify Assignments – Step 1” confirms the assignments, dates, passing score, and assignees.
  • “Verify Assignments – Step 2” confirms the email notifications if you choose to override your default preferences.

Understanding “Verify Assignments – Step 1”

  • If an assessment has already been assigned, you’ll choose whether to “Update Existing” or "Create Additional Assignment". When this option is presented, you will see the details of the existing Assignment(s).
  • Otherwise a brand new assignment will be created.

Verify Assignments – Step 2

You may override your default preferences here. These are the same options as the “Settings” screen. If you’re satisfied with your initial settings, do nothing on this page. Click “Make Assignments.”

The Assignments Calendar

What happens after clicking “Make Assignments”?

Clicking “Make Assignments” initiates the Learner email notifications in "Verify Assignments-Step 2" (above). The assignment(s) are now visible on both the Learner and Program Manager's calendars.


  1. The Color Key identifies the status of each Assignment.
  2. There are 3 ways to view assignments: by effective date, by due date, or by the full range during which an Assignment may be completed.
  3. Filter your view by “Everyone” (for all Learners in your program) or the individual learner.
  4. Filter your view by “month” or “week.”
  5. Set your default preferences for notifications, passing scores, and duplicate Assignments by clicking the tools icon (click here for more information on notifications). 



My Learner has completed an assignment, but it still shows red and incomplete on the calendar. Why?

In order for any assignment to turn green and be deemed "complete," the 3 conditions below must be met.

  1. The assignment must be completed by the "Due Date" that was set by the Program Manager.
  2. The Learner must meet or exceed the passing score that was set by the Program Manager.
  3. The Assignment must be fulfilled within the "Effective to Due Date" range.

I made an assignment earlier in the academic year, but I don’t see it in our calendars?

Only active courses show in the assignments calendar. For instance, work completed in a prior year’s course will no longer be visible in the assignments calendar. You can see all prior work in the Challenger reports.

My Learner clicked on an assignment already on their calendar, and it takes them to a different part of the course.

Assignments will remain visible on the calendar even after an older course has been removed. Remember, assignments can only be made in the current courses are only accessible for those courses currently in the Challenger account.



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