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Claiming CME and Generating Certificates

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To Claim CME and Generate Certificates, go to CME Claims
Log into your Challenger account (
From the Dashboard, click the CMEs tab or the Claim CME icon.
Alternatively, under the "My Work" menu tab, find and select CME Claims.

Here you'll find a list of CME types and tabs for "Unclaimed" and "Claimed" work.

About CME Types 
CME Claims will list all of the CME types offered through Challenger by default.
Depending on your course assets, multiple CME credit types can be earned for topic assessment completion.
By selecting a CME Type, you'll see tabs for both "unclaimed" and "claimed" listings for that type.  

Available vs. Unclaimed vs. Claimed
Available CME credit is the amount of CME credit possible to earn given your account holdings (courses).  Some courses offer multiple credit types.
Unclaimed CME credit is the amount of CME credits by type you have earned by passing a CME assessment.  These items are available to "claim" by producing a PDF of your CME certificate(s).
Claimed CME credit is the amount of CME credits you have "claimed" by producing a PDF of CME certificate(s).

Claiming CME Credit, Step-by-Step:
  • Complete any topic-level CME assessment in any course with a passing score (80%)
    • All topic assessments offer AMA Category 1 and ANCC CNE credits
    • Additional CME credit types may be available for the same topics as well
  • Go to CME Claims, located under My Work in your main nav bar
    • If your account profile is incomplete, you'll be prompted to complete the required information before you can produce a claim
    • There will be a button to return you to the CME claims area
  • Select the type of CME you which to claim (i.e. for processing onto a certificate(s) for that CME type) 
  • Under "Unclaimed," you'll see all eligible work (completed topic-based assessment line items) available for claiming
  • Prior to claiming, you may be required to complete account profile information for official CME reporting needs
  • Click the checkbox next to the topic-based CME earnings you wish to claim
    • You can search records by text (e.g. topic name) or filter records by year. TIP: If using a filter, please select CME line items for processing individually to build your claim. The "select all" feature will process all unclaimed CME, including items that are filtered out of view.
    • Clicking column headers will sort items as well
  • The number of CME credits selected will appear on the Claim button
  • With your desired line items selected, click the Claim button to proceed
  • Preview your PDF certificate output and adjust settings as desired
    • Your Certificate Display Name can be edited to reflect your preferred name listed atop certificates (e.g. John H. Smith, MD, MPH).
    • "Core account information" used for CME user validation purposes, cannot be edited without contacting Challenger support. 
  • Click "Generate" to create a PDF document of certificate(s). This completes the claim process.
  • PDF Certificates will appear under the "Claimed" tab for download

TIP: You can let earned CME credits pile up and claim what you need when you need it.  There's no need to claim each credit individually.

IMPORTANT: Claims are listed individual "actions" by date with a link to your PDF claim document.  If you claim CME credits from multiple courses in a single claim action, the PDF claim document will contain multiple certificates, one for each course, within the single PDF. You can print the relevant certificates (pages of PDF) as needed.

About PDF "Claim" Outputs (Certificates)
When you process a claim CME, your line item selections, regardless of course or type, will be aggregated onto a PDF claim document to be found, opened, and downloaded under "Claimed."  
Note: If you claim CME credits from multiple courses in a single claim action, the PDF "claim" document will contain multiple Certificates, one for each course, within the single PDF.
Certificates by course will also include a LINE ITEM listing of all CME topics earned, the amount, and date of activity completion for those items.
Every Claim PDF generated will also include a claim date and a unique claim ID.
The claim ID will be the name of your PDF file and written on the footer of PDF pages.
With active Premium membership, your CME Claims listings will always be available for certificate creation and certificate retrieval should you need to reproduce any claim record. 

Additional Notes and Terms
"Unclaimed" work will display the past three years of work.  Claims will continue to accrue under "Claims" so you have access to all historical claims (certificates) ongoing.
Topic CME credit of any type may only be claimed once in any given calendar year.  
*Claims for ABP MOC 2 credits involve a special processing route through Challenger that reports claims directly to the ABP on your behalf.  Otherwise, CME certificates are not sent to or recorded by official credentialing bodies automatically.  
End users are always responsible for submitting certificates and verifying their compliance status.  We will add services as they become available.  There is currently no consensus across accrediting bodies as to a universal process.
If you have already received a certificate through CME department prior to this feature's release, there's no need to reprocess the previously claimed work (although you can if you wish).
For technical assistance, please go to our support form or call 1-888-242-5536. We offer live support from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM CST, Monday through Friday excluding holidays.


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