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How Do I Earn CME Credit?

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CME credits are "earned" (available to claim) by completing "topic-specific" CME assessments within a course with a score of 80% or better.

In each "Chapter" (e.g. CME Bank, section) of your course, you'll find an array of "topics."

These topic segments are the building blocks of your course.  In each "topic" there will be a topic-specific assessment (Q&A quiz).  These topic-specific assessments are what you need to complete with a passing score of 80% in order to claim the CME credits related to that topic.

FYI: The Q&A inside topic assessments ultimately fuel all other dynamic Q&A testing features (exam simulators, etc) as well.

CME is NOT earned for work done in the Practice or Review mode. 

Starting a CME Assessment

In each topic, there will be topic-specific "Q&A" items. Click a "Q&A" item.  

Here, you can practice Q&A, review Q&A answers and explanations, and take a scored CME assessment (quiz).

To complete a topic assessment, click the "CME Assessment" button for the topic.

You'll see a large "Start New Assessment" button and information about previous attempts for this topic, if available.

To begin an assessment (start quiz), click the large "Start New Assessment" button.


If you complete the quiz with a score of 80% or better, you've "earned" the CME credit for that assessment.  


If the topic CME assessment is completed with a passing score, the topic will appear under "Unclaimed" in your CME Claims area.

Assessment activity will also appear on your My Dashboard tab regardless of score or status (paused, etc).  The Dashboard is a place recent work in a convenient place for view and continuing work.

To Claim CME credit (Get Certificates)

Go to the CME Claims area (under My Work).  Please read Claiming CME and Generating Certificates for more instruction.


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