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Challenger Assignments for Learners (Group Education Users)

Challenger Tech Support -

What Is Challenger Assignments?

Challenger’s time-saving learner management tool allows centralized management of targeted online learning activities. Program Managers select assessments and assign to an individual or group. Assignees receive email notifications with details, deadlines, and links to directly access the assigned testing. Learners can view all of their assignments on their own in-account calendar and can easily track progress and gauge performance.


  • Effective Date: The earliest date on which a score can be earned on a specific assessment to “count” if said assessment is Assigned.
  • Due Date: The date by which a specific assessment must be scored to “count."
  • Passing Score: The score which must be achieved on a specific assessment to “count."
  • Passed: An assessment which a Passing Score was achieved between the Effective and Due Date.

What Types of Email Notifications Will I receive?

New Assignment
Modified Assignment
Assignment Cancellation
Assignment Reminder

*The system only sends Modified and Cancellation notices IF the new assignment notice has been delivered.


How do I use Challenger Assignments?

Select “My Assignments” from the My Work tab in the Challenger portal to get started.

There are several key features to take notice of in “My Assignments.”

  1. The Color Key which identifies the status of each Assignment. Assignments in Yellow are eligible for completion now.
  2. There are 3 ways to view assignments: by effective date, by due date, or by the full range which an Assignment may be completed.
  3. Filter your view by “month” or “week.”


The Assignments Calendar

Depending on which view you have selected (by effective date, by due date, or by range), the calendar displays the items assigned to you.
Learners - clicking on a single assignment takes you to that exact assessment!



I have completed an assignment, but it still shows red and incomplete on my calendar. Why?

In order for any assignment to turn green and be deemed "complete," the 3 conditions below must be met.

  1. The assignment must be completed by the "Due Date" that was set by the Program Manager.
  2. The Learner must meet or exceed the passing score that was set by the Program Manager.
  3. The Assignment must be fulfilled within the "Effective to Due Date" range.

The links from my email notifications don't take me to the assignment, only to the Challenger Login Page.

The links provided in the email notifications will take you directly to the assignment only if you have the "Remember Login" box checked on your device. As always, we advise against checking this box on shared devices.

I clicked on an assignment already on my calendar, and it keeps taking me to a different part of the course.

Assignments will remain visible on the calendar even after an older course has been removed. Remember, assignments can only be made in the current courses are only accesible for those courses currently in your Challenger account. 


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