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Challenger Assignments: Interpreting Results (Group Education Users)

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Interpreting Results and Analyzing Outcomes 

Congratulations! You've successfully created Assignments for your Learners. How do you monitor the progress? This guide will instruct you on monitoring, analyzing, and following up on your Learner's Assignments progress using Challenger Assignments and the Challenger Dashboards.

The Assignments Calendar

Take a look at the assignments already on your calendar. They will be color coded according to the status in the Color Key. 

Clicking on any 1 assignment will show details in the information pane to the right such as who it was assigned to and if it has been completed with a passing score.


The "Edit Assignments" button opens a new window and allows you to make changes to the Assignment passing score, effective date, and due date. You also have the option to "Unassign" that assignment from this screen.

Any modifications to the individual assignment will initiate new notifications based on your default preference settings only.


The Challenger Dashboard

For a comprehensive snapshot of your Learner's progress, take a look at the "Program Dashboard" also located under "My Program." The Dashboard is not a formatted report, but is intended to provide you with a brief at-a-glance view of your program's performance. The output can be saved or printed via copy/paste and/or screenshots.

Here you will find columns reporting stats corresponding to the assignments for your program. 

Click on the (+) signs to expand the selections and ultimately display a breakdown by Learner.

If you would like a formal report of all of your Learner's progress, Challenger Reports will produce a PDF document formatted and suitable for saving and emailing or printing. 


My Learner has completed an assignment, but it still shows red and incomplete on the calendar. Why?

In order for any assignment to turn green and be deemed "complete," the 3 conditions below must be met.

  1. The assignment must be completed by the "Due Date" that was set by the Program Manager.
  2. The Learner must meet or exceed the passing score that was set by the Program Manager.
  3. The Assignment must be fulfilled within the "Effective to Due Date" range.

I made an Assignment earlier in the academic year, but I don’t see it in our calendars?

Only active courses show in the assignments calendar. For instance, work completed in a prior year’s course will no longer be visible in the assignments calendar. You can see all prior work in the Challenger reports.



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