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Using the Activity Report (formerly CME Report)

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While the Dashboard displays recent activity within courses currently in your account, the Activity Report gives users a way to document both current and historical activity records.

When a course has been removed from an account (typically due to a new release update), records of previously completed topic-level work may be found in the Activity Report.


The Activity Report is located under "My Work" tab, under My Reports:


To view all activity completed, leave the Start and End dates as they are. At the far right, place a check in the check box next to Hide Null Scores. This will prevent the appearance of topics in which no assessment attempts have been made.

Click Run Report. Courses and topics in which attempts have been made or passed with a minimum passing score of 80% will appear.

NOTE: This report shows topic-level assessment activity. It does not include Board Exam Simulators or Section Survey activity.

To view activity during a specific time period, remove the check next to All Dates. Place your cursor in the Start Date or End Date field(s). You may use the calendar provided or you may delete the dates displayed and manually enter the desired Start and End date range. Please note the format must be as seen above (XX/XX/XX).

Once completed, place a check next to Hide Null Scores and click Run Report.

A report will appear with the course name and topics completed.

If you have additional questions or experience difficulties, please submit our support form or contact us by phone at 1-888-242-5536. We offer free, live, US-based support Mon – Fri, 8am – 5pm CT.



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