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How to Add or Update Payment Options

Med-Challenger Support -

In order to continue receiving uninterrupted service in your Challenger account, it is necessary to provide a credit card as a payment option. This will allow our system to automatically renew your account at the time it is set to expire (12 months from the date of purchase). And, in case you forget, we will send a reminder email to you 7-14 days before your account expires, so you'll have plenty of time to check and update the account as needed.

If the account is allowed to expire, all courses, earned CME and CME claims will be unavailable to access. Here is how to ensure you never lose access to your Challenger assets:

1. Log into your account at 
2. Click the Profile tab on your Dashboard, then your name:


3. Click 'Add Payment Method':


4. Add your payment information and click Submit:


That's it! As long as we have current information, your account will automatically renew unless you let us know otherwise! You may change the information at any time to ensure your account always remains active and access to your assets remains available to you.  If you need any assistance, please feel free to contact us at 888-242-5536 or to fill out a Support Form

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