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Installing the Challenger Offline Viewer on a Mac

Challenger Support -

ALERT!  The new Mac OS, Sierra, is not supported by the offline utility.

The steps for installing the Challenger Offline Viewer are essentially the same as those viewed in the video tutorial (Challenger Offline Tutorial Video), however, there may be some security features blocking the initial installation and first time opening of the viewer.

After downloading the Offline Viewer and getting it to your desktop, there will be a couple of items on the desktop: the Challenger CME ‘disk’ and either a Challenger CME icon (Image A) or a box with ‘Install Challenger CME.command as well as some lighter colored icons (Image B).

Image A:

Image B:

Double-clicking either of the blue and white Challenger CME icons (see image A and B above) may result in the following message (Image C)

Image C:

To run the Offline Viewer, single-click the blue and white icon while holding down the control key, then click Open while continuing to hold down the control key in the menu that appears (Image D):

Image D:

Continue to hold down the control key and select Open at the next screen (Image E):

Image E:

Another box will open as the program is installed. Once completed, it will tell you that you can close the window (Image F):

Image F:

If you have a box with multiple icons or Install Challenger CME.Command open, you may close it as well.

Hold down the control key, then double click the new blue and white Challenger CME icon on your desktop. If a message appears as in Image G or H, continue to hold down the control key and click ‘Open”.

Image G:

or you may see the following (Image H):


The Challenger Offline Viewer will now open and you may proceed with the remaining steps to obtain your activation code and download the courses.

Forward-going you may simply double-click the Challenger CME icon on the desktop to open the program.


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