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Self-Reporting Challenger AAFP Prescribed Credit to the AAFP

Challenger Support -

Self-Reporting AAFP Prescribed credits earned in the Med-Challenger FM course is slightly different than self-reporting AMA/Elective credit. While we do report to the AAFP at the end of each quarter, we highly recommend self-reporting AAFP Prescribed credits to ensure your account is current.

1. Go to and click on CME.

2. Click on Report My CME

3. Enter your Username and Password then enter the site.

   4.  Click on Report My CME (if not already there/highlighted on left) then go    down to Self-Study, Search self-study activities:


5. Fill in Completion Date (this should be the date of your Challenger CME Request Submittal Form), enter Med-Challenger in the Keywords field and University of Colorado in the Provider field, then click Search Self-Study:


6. Select Med-Challenger FM if not selected, enter the number of credits in the Prescribed Credits field then click Report Selected Activity


7. The credits will be added to your CME transcript.




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