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Challenger Assignments: Best Practice

Challenger Support -

When using Challenger Assignments, we recommend the following to maximize your benefit from this feature:

  • Before you Make Assignments, determine your goals.  For instance, do you want to assign in conjunction with rotations, or are you using for remediation? Your answers will aid in selecting optimal topics, dates, and assignees.
  • Using the # of Questions information on the Make Assignments screen will help you manage the size and scope of your assignments.
  • The start date can be the current date (default), a date in the future, or can even be set retrospectively.
  • When setting the due date, be sure to allow ample time from the start date for completion.  Staggering due dates can make workload more manageable for Learners and Administrators.
  • In order for an assignment to count as complete, it must be initiated AND scored within the assignment period, i.e., between the effective date and the due date. 
  • When selecting assignees, you may select individuals or all users of a particular type.  In order to save time and benefit from our new Hotspots feature, we recommend assigning all applicable users to a topic at once.


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