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Challenger Assignments: Hot Spots for Group Administrators

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The Hot Spots feature is located atop each Assignment's performance details (See Program Dashboard) and provides an aggregation of the most missed Q&A across all assignees for a given assignment.  

The more a question is missed by the group, the higher its "heat" (e.g. the more it deserves attention in group remediation and discussion), and thus, the higher the question will be presented in the Hot Spot list.  

Go to the Program Dashboard.

Under Assignment Activity select the date/topic you wish to review and click the + sign.


A list of of students/learners appears. You may sort the Assignment by All, Set, Active and Ended. Click the Hot Spots button to see the questions most missed.


A view of the most missed questions along with the number of times missed, the number of times answered correctly and the number of times skipped appears.

Additional, individual information may be accessed by single-clicking and individual name:

To view missed questions on an individual basis, click the score button:

The missed questions for that individual will appear along with the topic, their answer choice and the correct answer.


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